Why Should You Learn Digital Marketing?

In this all-digital era, the trend of the business world also continues to vary towards digitalization. Rapid technological developments make many things that can be done more practically and efficiently, one of which is marketing activities. However, what is meant by digital marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing is a marketing activity or promotion of a product or brand using digital media and internet networks. The media that are often used in this activity are websites, social media, to well-known search engines such as Google. Then, why do we have to learn digital marketing or find a place that sell digital courses?

Along with the rapid development of technology, almost everyone cannot be separated from the reach of digital technology and the internet in our daily activities. Starting from communicating, reading the news, looking for information, shopping, or even ordering food or transportation services, everything can be done with just one click.

This online course will provide a video overview containing material explanations about the basics of digital marketing and also an assessment in each chapter to get a certificate. With easy-to-understand language, this online course is the right choice for anyone who wants to learn digital marketing, both for beginners and experienced ones.