Pay Attention to the Material for Making Sofa Beds

Make sure to pay attention to the material used in making the sofa bed. Different materials can give different impressions and cleaning methods. Therefore, let’s look at explanation of some of the following sofa bed materials.

Leather material, easy to clean and gives a luxurious feel
Most leather sofa beds found in online shops are synthetic leather. Even though it’s not genuine leather, you will still get a smooth and luxurious impression from the glossy surface of the sofa bed. The advantage of leather is that it is easy to clean, even if you accidentally spill water on it. However, a leather sofa bed usually feels hot and does not have air circulation. Consider carefully if you want to use it as a bed.

Fabric material has many choices of colors and motifs
The color and motif of the sofa will affect the impression of a room. If you use your favorite colors and motifs, you will get the desired atmosphere in the room. Compared to leather, fabric has a wider variety of colors that you can choose from. To get a more luxurious impression, you can use a velvet or suede type of fabric. Unfortunately, cloth materials are generally easily soiled and difficult to dry when exposed to water. However, don’t worry because some products are equipped with a protective layer on the parts that get dirty easily. That way, you can wash the dirty part of the sofa until it is clean. Those of you who like cleanliness or living with children will definitely like this type of sofa bed.

More comfortable with a high backrest
Sofas with low backrests will tire the neck and back easily, especially for men and tall people. It would be better if you use a sofa with a high enough backrest. This type of backrest allows you to sit with the right posture so that it feels relaxed and comfortable.