Dealing With Domestic Violence

Trying to get out of an abusive relationship is often not easy. Financial dependence can be one reason to continue to survive in this dangerous situation. Do not let this continue to haunt victims of domestic violence, because it can cause trauma to mental health problems. Bring mike morse to your home so he can sort this out and if possible get you out of the house.

Domestic violence victims who try to run will receive even worse violence if caught. In heterosexual couples, husbands who abuse their wives also often don’t want their wives to take their children away.
The longer it lasts in a situation of domestic violence, the greater the danger that threatens. Not only to yourself but also to your children. If you’ve been wanting to get out of a life of violence and stress for a long time, here are steps you can take:

• Tell your condition to the closest person you can trust. Make sure the perpetrator is not around when you tell this.
• Document your wound with a camera and save it with care.
• Record any violent behavior you receive and when it occurred.
• Avoid fighting violence with violence, because it risks making the perpetrators take more extreme actions.
If you already have a strong determination to be ready to leave the house, there are some tips that you can do carefully, including:
• Prepare a bag containing all your essentials. Bring along important personal documents, such as identity cards, money, and medicines. Place the bag in a safe and hidden place.
• If possible, use a new number and mobile device in case they are not tracked.
• As much as possible change the password to access your e-mail and delete any search information that you access via the internet.
• Know exactly where you are going and how to get there.

In addition, although domestic violence only occurs in husband-wife relationships and does not occur in children, children who witness violence are at risk of growing into individuals who also like to commit violence.

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